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With Flatrack VentoFoil units

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Flatrack VentoFoil is the solution for modular wind assistance. By harnessing wind—a free, renewable energy source—on a 10 or 20ft Flatrack, our technology helps ships meet or exceed EEXI standards and can be installed in just one day.

When vessels enter regions with other regulations, the Flatrack can be easily transferred to other ships in the fleet. With the Econowind Flatrack solution, you stay ahead of regulatory requirements, enhancing your ship’s marketability and operational lifespan.

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Benefits from
the wind

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Flatrack – Modular Integration
  • Based on 10 or 20 ft flatrack
  • Available for 16m and upto 30 meter XL
  • Improved EEXI and prepared for Fuel EU
  • Foundation prepared at drydock, installation at quay
  • Interchangeable to other vessels in fleet

Boomsma Shipping
– Johan Boomsma

“We only have one planet and we should care
about her every day, so sails up!”

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How can we help
decarbonize your fleet?

I’m eager to answer all your questions about Wind-Assisted Ship Propulsion and the advantages of our VentoFoil solutions. Contact us for detailed information and learn how we can enhance your fleet’s sustainability.

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