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Give your ship
powerful wings

With Retrofitted VentoFoil units

A ticket to sail

Buy your vessel extra lifetime

WASP systems harness the power of wind, a free and renewable energy source. Installing VentoFoils leads to significant fuel savings and lower CO2 emissions. By improving the overall energy efficiency of a vessel, WASP technology helps ships meet or exceed the required EEXI standards.

This means that shipowners can ensure compliance with current and future regulations, while using our Retrofitted solution. Staying ahead of regulatory requirements enhances a ship’s marketability and operational lifespan.

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How does wind power work?

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Benefits from
the wind

Free and abundant

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Retrofitted – We keep your vessel sailing and fit for regulations
  • Small footprint and low weight
  • Upgrade existing fleet ranging from 10 to 30 meters, depending on your vessel
  • Improved EEXI, and potentially adjust Engine Power Limiter (EPL).
  • Fuel EU compliant
  • Installed during dry dock or at quay side

Niels Grotz

“Our customers increasingly demand CO2 reports.
The better our ships perform, the higher the rating from
our customers. With the Ventofoils we will use 10% less fuel.”

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How can we help
decarbonize your fleet?

I’m eager to answer all your questions about Wind-Assisted Ship Propulsion and the advantages of our VentoFoil solutions. Contact us for detailed information and learn how we can enhance your fleet’s sustainability.

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Willem Stam

Sales and Business Development

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