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Adding benefits to your green strategy

Green Sailing

A sustainable image

Enhance your green strategy with the numerous benefits of wind energy, while adhering to regulations and promoting a sustainable image. Wind-Assisted Ship Propulsion, demonstrated by our ‘Green Sailing’ initiative, significantly reduces emissions.

Meanwhile, public opinion increasingly demands full supply chain transparency. By utilizing green energy, such as our VentoFoil units, you can provide this transparency effortlessly, eliminating the need to justify excessive CO2 emissions.

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A proven

How do you reduce CO2-emissions for your vessels?

Our VentoFoil units use the wind as propulsion power. Sail the same distance and reduce fuel consumption up to 60%.

Benefits of the wind

VentoFoil suction wings harness wind power in a revolutionary way that sets them apart from conventional rigid windsails. Utilizing a unique ventilated wingsail technology, the VentoFoils deliver superior performance through an ingenious aerodynamic process.

Why wind is the
right option

Financial benefits

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  • Banking Covenants (Poseidon): Ship owners are required to reduce CO2 emissions. Wind propulsion can help meet these demands, making it easier to secure attractive financing.
  • Carbon Tax: The implementation of a carbon tax will drive the adoption of sustainable practices. Wind propulsion improves emissions per nautical mile, significantly lowering your carbon footprint.
  • Sustainable Fuel Alternatives: New e-fuels are more expensive, but VentoFoils offer a cost-effective solution for various business cases.
  • Fuel EU: Wind assist on board provides a 1%, 3%, or 5% benefit, demonstrating clear advantages.

Related Regulations

Use the required regulations as one of your benefits:

IMO Targets

Aim for a 40% reduction in CO2 by 2030 and a 50% reduction in greenhouse gases by 2050. Wind fits in both targets.

EEXI & CII Regulations

Require significant steps from ship owners to reduce emissions, whereby wind is an accepted and approved methodology.

EU Emission Trading System

Extends to shipping, taxing 100% of emissions from 2027.

Fuel EU Maritime Initiative

A regulation limiting greenhouse gas emissions (ghg) in fuel where wind gets a bonus.

How can we help
decarbonize your fleet?

I’m eager to answer all your questions about Wind-Assisted Ship Propulsion and the advantages of our VentoFoil solutions. Contact us for detailed information and learn how we can enhance your fleet’s sustainability.

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