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Why wind?

Zero-emission power source

Born in the
North Sea

A proven performance

Why wind? In shipping, simplicity works. The VentoFoil utilizes a unique suction wingsail technology. Suction wings deliver superior performance based on autonomous operation for shipping. By hitting the start button, the system is deployed.

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A proven

How do you reduce CO2-emissions for your vessels?

Our VentoFoil units use the wind as propulsion power. Sail the same distance and reduce fuel consumption up to 60%.

Why wind?

VentoFoil suction wings harness wind power in a revolutionary way that sets them apart from conventional rigid windsails. Utilizing a unique ventilated wingsail technology, the VentoFoils deliver superior performance through an ingenious aerodynamic process.

Why wind

Reliable and efficient

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  • Recognizable technology for easy adoption
  • Minimal impact on cargo operations
  • Enhanced visibility and safety
  • Compliance with regulations
  • Modular with flexibility and reusability
  • Performance in adverse conditions
  • Lightweight and easy installation
  • Cost efficiency

Advantages of VentoFoil®

When evaluated against other wind assistance technologies, Econowind suction wings stand out in several key areas:

Investment per Green KW

Suction wings offer competitive investment costs per green kilowatt.

Ease of Installation

VentoFoil® requires significantly less time and effort to install.

Tilting Capability

Unlike other systems, suction wings can be easily tilted to adapt to various operational needs.

Rental and Leasing Options

VentoFoil® provides unique flexibility in terms of rental and leasing, enhancing your operational and financial strategies.

Want to know more?

    How can we help
    decarbonize your fleet?

    I’m eager to answer all your questions about Wind-Assisted Ship Propulsion and the advantages of our VentoFoil solutions. Contact us for detailed information and learn how we can enhance your fleet’s sustainability.

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