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RABN – Antti Partanen

“The installation of the VentoFoils is logical and fully
in line with our mindset based on thinking outside the box”

Rederi Ab Nathalie

A sustainable fleet of
high-quality vessels

Rederi Ab Nathalie (RABN) is an independent and privately-owned shipping entity nestled in Finland’s maritime domain, managing a sophisticated fleet tailored for trade across the Baltic and North Sea.

Econowind recently equipped the Odda Marie, a general cargo vessel built in 1996, with two revolutionary 16-meter VentoFoil units. This installation serves as a pivotal enhancement, augmenting the vessel’s longevity and efficiency, thereby underscoring RABN’s dedication to sustainable maritime practices.

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CEO of RABN Antti Partanen: “Econowind was chosen not only due to excellent customer approach, but also the technical features of the VentoFoil units together with estimated payback time, making those a perfect fit for our needs.”

At RABN, environmental impact is taken very seriously. They have set up a clear policy and management system to make sure they are doing their bit for the environment. Their aim? To meet and exceed environmental standards in their shipping operations, following all the rules and regulations set by authorities.

One of the big moves they have made is investing in Wind-Assisted Propulsion technology from Econowind. It is a smart choice that fits their ethos of innovation. They are expecting this investment to not only lessen their environmental impact, but also improve their operational efficiency.

antti partanen, rabn, econowind ventofoils

Antti Partanen

CEO & Co-founder of RABN

Client quote

“The decision to invest in Wind-Assisted Ship Propulsion with Econowind’s VentoFoils is logical and fully in-line with our ‘outside the box’ mindset. We see great potential in wind propulsion in certain traffic areas. The North Sea is one of the most optimal areas, where our Odda Marie is trading.”

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RABN looks back at the installation period, of 8 months in total, from order to delivery.

The MV Odda Marie underwent a docking at Damen Ship Repair (Harlingen) for scheduled maintenance and a significant lifetime extension in early 2024. A standout feature of this endeavour was the integration of cutting-edge equipment aimed at future-proofing the vessel, guaranteeing its compliance with present and upcoming regulatory standards in sustainability.

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Benefits and

The decision of RABN to invest in Wind-Assisted Ship Propulsion demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and innovation within the maritime industry.

Antti Partanen recognizes an improved EEXI. He says: “It gives us already some comfort to meet the expectations and yet limited user experience. We do recognize clear impact of VentoFoils in vessel efficiency.”

Antti is optimistic: “In the long run, we are looking forward to reaching the predicted performance of the VentoFoils, followed by emission cut level.”

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