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Chemship – Niels Grotz

“With the VentoFoils, we will use 10% less fuel
and thus reduce CO2 emissions.”


A sophisticated fleet of
stainless steel chemical tankers

Chemship B.V. operates a sophisticated fleet of stainless steel chemical tankers which services the industry’s needs for liquid transportation in bulk.

The shipping company aims to chart a course towards a more sustainable future. Chemship is implementing a diverse range of sustainability measures, such as lubricants, hull coatings, and boss cap fins. CEO Niels Grotz is an avid sailor and has always been intrigued by the power of the wind.


CEO Niels Grotz is always searching for innovative solutions for the Chemship fleet.

One day, he met Econowind’s CEO Frank Nieuwenhuis. The two men shared a passion for the wind. In the chemical tanker business, all elements must be explosion-proof. Frank Nieuwenhuis took on the challenge, and soon the explosion-proof wind sails were born.

Niels Grotz

CEO Chemship

Client quote

“Our customers increasingly demand CO2 reports. The better our ships perform, the higher the rating from our customers. Fewer emissions are not only beneficial for the environment, you will also notice it directly in your wallet.”



Chemship looks back on an efficient
installation process.

During a one-week berthing at the port of Rotterdam, four 16-meter VentoFoils were installed on the MV Chemical Challenger. The installation of the explosion proof VentoFoil units went smoothly. On the bridge of the ship, a control unit has been positioned. On instruction of the captain, the VentoFoils can sail autonomously.

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Benefits and

After the installation, the captain set sail for Turkey and immediately witnessed the advantages of Wind-Assisted Ship Propulsion.

He saw an increased speed at a certain fuel consumption. This translates to lower costs and a decrease in CO2 emissions. The captain eagerly anticipates measuring the results on the Trans-Atlantic route.

Niels is optimistic: “We have set a target for a 10% reduction in CO2 emissions. For this vessel, we anticipate an annual CO2 reduction of 850 tonnes. This is equivalent to the yearly CO2 emissions of over 500 passenger cars.”

CO2 reduction
Tones annual CO2 savings

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I am more than happy to answer all your questions about wind assisted ship propulsion and the advantages of our VentoFoil solutions.

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