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Make shipping sailing again

Working in the energy transition

How it all started

Back to basics

Rediscover the timeless power of wind with Econowind. Embrace sustainable solutions rooted in nature’s oldest energy source. Explore how it all began and join us in returning to the basics for a cleaner, brighter future.

Our story
about econowind

The magic of Econowind


Fuelled by wind

Our ambitions

  • Market leader in Wind-Assisted Ship Propulsion (WASP)
  • Achieve > 15% reduction of CO2 per retrofitted ship
  • Supply the highest efficiency per (green) investment of wind assist
  • Recognized as easiest integration to the vessels
  • Partner of choice for designers and customers

Our USPs

  • Tilting System: Minimizes impact during cargo operations.
  • Lightweight: Requires no additional reinforcement on deck.
  • In-House Production Crafted by specialized personnel.
  • High visibility: Eliminates the need for cameras.
  • Small footprint: Occupies minimal deck space.
  • Seamless integration Easily incorporates into ship systems and is readily adopted by crew.

Contribute to
groundbreaking evolution

Empower Change: Join Econowind’s Quest for Sustainable Evolution.

As a scale-up, we offer an environment where your contributions truly matter, where you’ll feel the pulse of progress every day.

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