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Highest wind yield
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Set sail to decarbonisation

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The benefits of
wind propulsion

The only free energy source

About Econowind

Throughout history, wind has been a steadfast companion, guiding our journeys across vast seas and unveiling new horizons. Are you ready to harness the potential of this timeless energy source?

In shipping, simplicity works. Our robust VentoFoil® units have been tested during the most challenging conditions at sea. Wind-Assisted Ship Propulsion embodies a visible commitment to sustainability and VentoFoil® units of Econowind demonstrate the green ambitions of shipping companies.

Fuel reduction up to


Payback time


Overall efficiency


Wind power:
How does it work?

The Vent0foil is a non-rotating suction wing with vents and internal fans.

By utilising boundary layer suction, Econowind optimizes thrust generation to its fullest potential. The integration of smart vacuum technology amplifies wind force by fivefold, achieving remarkable efficiency and power.

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flatrack, econowind

Flatrack VentoFoil® unit

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new-built, econowind

Econowind VentoFoil®

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containerized, econowind

Containerized Base Frame
Econowind Unit

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Are you as passionate about decarbonisation as we are? Get in touch with the Econowind team, and let’s work together to discover how to maximize the profitability of your fleet.

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frank nieuwenhuis, ceo econowind

Frank Nieuwenhuis

Chief Executive Officer

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